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Available on all major platforms! Listen to Innovators Podcast on all major platforms Innovators Podcast is an English language podcast that focuses on technology and innovation in the education space. Innovators is produced at TekX in Rødovre, Denmark. Every month we upload new episodes of Innovators Podcast, and now all our content is available on …

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Innovators Episode 5

In episode number 5 of Innovators, Kenneth and Brandon discuss creativity in the technology and innovation space. Brandon presents his background in graffiti and visual arts as a point of departure for including design and creativity in teaching. Finally they look specifically at design based learning and the Doreen Nelson methodology. Links: Design Based Learning: …

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Innovators Podcast Episode 4

Innovators Episode 4

In the 4th episode of Innovators, we interviewed Jesper Drachman, director of TekX in Rødovre, Denmark. Jesper gives a background on how we’re working with technology and innovation at the municipal level with school student in the City of Rødovre, and why innovative teaching and technological literacy is so important, all the way from early …

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Innovators Episode 3

Innovators Podcast Ep.3

In the training that teachers take before they step into the classroom, there is a focus on theory and models that can be applied to the educational process. However, if innovation through technology in the classroom is the goal, are these models useful? Essential? Irrelevant? In this episode of Innovators, Kenneth, Oliver and Brandon discuss …

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Innovators Podcast Episode 1

Innovators Podcast, Ep.1 The first pilot episode introduces the hosts of the show – Brandon Lewis, Oliver Fröberg, and Kenneth Weiland, all of whom work as technology and innovation teachers in the city of Rødovre in Denmark.  Innovators is recorded at TekX in Rødovre, Denmark.