LEGO Spike Prime

LEGO™ has developed a brilliant and exciting product that teaches students to build and program machines and robots with motors, sensors and a bunch of other bricks and pieces. Get started with LEGO Spike and use their totally ready to use teaching materials and instructions.

LEGO Spike:
What's in the Box?

This video showss all the parts included in the Spike Prime set. Bricks and pieces are sorted by type and function in two trays as well as the large yellow box.

To get started with LEGO Spike, check to be sure that all the pieces are there, and sort them into their respective tray compartments.

Use LEGO Spike Prime at TekX

At TekX, we have 15 LEGO Spike Prime sets. There are enough sets to have students work in groups of 2 and activate an entire class simultaneously. For teachers who want to use Spike Prime in their teaching, talk to your school’s technology and innovation advisor and book a time slot at TekX.

Lego Spike på TekX