Rå Festival X TekX

Rå Festival : stencil tshirts lavet på TekX

Youth from local clubs in Rødovre came to TekX to make tshirts with textile paint and stencils, they cut out on our new Cricut Maker 3  multicutters. Check it out!

At this years RÅ-Festival, young folks from the local youth clubs in Rødovre will facilitate a creative workshop for their peers. In preparation for the workshop, the youths spent an afternoon at Tekx and tried out our new Cricut Maker 3 vinylcutting machines to create their own stencils for painting on tshirts.

RÅ Festival is a cultural festival for and by young people from ages 13 to 25. The festival is full of workshops and possibilities to experience a variety of art forms, such as visual art, literature, and music, together with other youths from all across the municipality.

The City of Rødovre will contribute to RÅ-Festival with an interdisciplinary cooperation between the municipal culture department and TekX from the city school district, in which analog and digital approaches to creativity will be combined. This cooperation was made manifest in the production room at Tekx where the youths met on Friday afternoon. The atmosphere was good, the vibe was creative and open for experimentation and trial and error.

The main focus was of course for the youths to  prepare and get ready to hold workshops at RÅ Festival, but physical space at TekX also invited a playful and curious approach to the possibilities afforded by technology to create, design and express oneself on a classic white t-shirt. We look forward to and eagerly await to follow up with the youths on their experiences RÅ Festival.

Cricut Maker 3 multicutter
Stencil tshirts under produktion
Rå festival tshirt