In Rødovre, we want our students to have the best possible conditions to be able to enter into and contribute to the society of the future. We want students who can innovate, have a great application-oriented knowledge of modern technologies, and as a result can offer solutions to the problems of the real world. We want to provide students with the tools to not only survive but exceed in an increasingly digital world. 

Today’s society is undergoing rapid change based on technological development. The labor market is evolving, some jobs are being eliminated and new oppurtunities are being created.

It is assumed that in a short number of years Denmark will lack manpower with strong professional IT competencies, along with business developement and natural sciences, which must also be strengthened.

We therefore strengthen this initiative in our schools with this new curriculum and introduce Technology and Innovation as both subjects in 6th to 8th grade, while also integrating them as dimensions of the teaching process in all subjects of primary education. The initiative was unanimously approved by Rødovre’s City Council in June 2017, and since then our schools have worked intensively with the development and implementation of our technology and innovation program.

With “Technology and innovation as a dimension and subject in Rødovre’s schools”, we invite Rødovre’s students into the future.


Erik Nielsen, Mayor of Rødovre Municipality (2018)

students and teacher using laser cutter