Innovators Ep.9 – A Visit From Munich

Innovators Ep. 9 - A Visit From Munich

Innovators Episode 9 - A Visit From Munich
Visit from Munich at Rødovre Skole

In our 9th episode of Innovators podcast, we were so fortunate to play host to our first international guests on the show! Lorenz, Natasha and Pia represent a wonderful group of soon-to-be-graduating teachers and their instructors, all of whom work at the Rupprecht Gymnasium in Munich, Germany.  As part of a week long visit to the Copenhagen area, they and their colleagues participated in a full day program at TekX and nearby Rødovre Skole. The purpose of their visit was to get inspiration and explore new possibilities through exposure to our approach to technology and Innovation here in Denmark. We discussed the differences between Germany and Denmark with regard to teacher training, classroom setup and practices, as well as the very different implementations of technology in the learning environment.  We enjoyed a warm and uplifting discussion focused teaching, technology and comparing best practices.

Host: Brandon Lewis

Guests: Lorenz, Natasha and Pia from Rupprecht Gymnasium in Munich, Germany