Innovators Podcast: Future Classroom Lab

Innovators ep 8 - Future Classroom Lab

Innovators: Future Classroom Lab

What is the future of education? How will it evolve, and why must it change in the coming years? What role will technology play in the school of the future? These are core questions at the heart of the Future Classroom Lab, whose mission is “to explore how technology can challenge the pedagogical praxis in schools and help develop new teaching and learning environments. Here in the City of Rødovre, we are so fortunate to have recruited several teachers who have trained at the Future Classroom Lab. In this episode of Innovators Podcast, Brandon interviews 5 of the teachers from FCL who now work as certified full time teachers and are a part of the technology and innovation program in Rødovre. Hear their stories and experiences as new teachers, and how they are tackling the problem of trying to innovate in their classrooms within the existing structure of public education.

Host: Brandon Lewis

Guests: Kenneth Weiland, Oliver Fröberg, Peter Nielsen, Jonathan Baagø, and Simon Bergholt Helms

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Learn more about the Future Classroom Lab from their official website. (external link)