Textile print

Digital textile printing

At TekX, we have professional DTG (direct to garment) printers that can brint brilliant full color pictures and designs directly on fabric in all colors. This opens a fantastic possibility to create tshirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, canvas bags and much more.

There are 2 printers available: Ricoh R-100 for white tshirts and light colored fabrics, og the largeer Ri 1000, which can print on all colors of fabric.

Design programmer

About file formats

mest brugte billede fil formater

Print quality on digital printers depends on 4 important factors: image size, resolution, file type and color profile. In order to produce a high quality result, users need to understand which file format is best for the job.

For most print jobs, we recommend a PDF file in high resolution with a CMYK color profile.