Elev Edition Podcast, Ep. 1: Dig Mig – En Verden i Rødovre engelsk

Student Edition Podcast: You, Me - A World In Rødovre

collage af 3 elever

host: Brandon Lewis, technology and innovation teacher
Guests: Isabella, Cecilie, og Malika
language: Danish

In April 2021, all students in 8th grade in Rødovre Municipality participated in the problem-based learning process “You, me – a world in Rødovre.” The course was about getting students to investigate one of several possible problems from organizations in Rødovre. The students worked in small groups to find solutions to the realistic problems, and produce multimedia presentations of their ideas. Three talented young girls from Hendriksholm School in Rødovre have designed a prototype mobile app that will help children and young people in Rødovre to discover and choose between a lot of different leisure activities. listen to their story about the project, the work process and how they came up with their idea.

The app is called “Air” which stands for “Active In Rødovre.

LINK: See their project here on Microsoft Sway
Logo for "Air" app design
"AIR" stands for active in Rødovre.