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Welcome to the educator portal. On this page you can find the programs and resources needed to get started at TekX. All the programs listed here can either be downloaded and installed on your personal computer, or are available online through (for Danish school students.)

TekX is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm. Teachers and other staff in the City of Rødovre with login credentials can book our facilities online.  Alternatively, appointments can me made individually with our staff. 

As a general policy, teaching activities should be booked at least 14 days in advance.

Teachers in Rødovre Public Schools can book TekX with assistance from their school’s IT personnel or technology and innovation advisor. Guests from outside our local organization can also arrange visits by contacting us via email.

Plan your visit

Are you a teacher or educator from outside of Denmark who would you like a tour of TekX? Are you curious about what we do and which technologies we use?

You can start with a virtual tour of TekX here on our website, or plan to visit us in person.

Common Curriculum

All students in the City of Rødovre learn technology and innovation through a common curriculum. The course units and  activities in the curriculum are developed in a collaborative effort by all technology and innovation teachers and advisors in Rødovre. The purpose of this common curriculum is to establish a shared teaching plan for all students in every grade level across all Rødovre Public Schools.

2D Design

About 2D design

Image and Form

2D design is about creating forms and images on or out of flat materials, such as cardboard, paper, wood, or fabric. A simple two-dimensional shape can easily be printed digitally, or it can also be cut out of vinyl on a plotter/vinyl cutter.  Two-dimesional designs can slso be engraved into or cut out of other materials on a laser cutter.

Typical makerspace machines, such as laser cutters and plotters, give the best output from high quality input. We highly recommend using vector graphics for most digital imaging, printing and design applications, and exporting CAD files (.dxf) production and ight fabrication. 

Raster vs. Vector

When  designing printed products, such as posters or t-shirts, there are endless possibilities for working in full color – a single photograph, a collage of several images, or a vibrant digital illustration can all be printed in high quality on our digital printers. Most full color images are typically saved as raster graphics, fx. a jpeg or PNG file. When using raster graphics, it is important to consider the most important details such as image size, resolution and color profile. 

See a full list of our technologies here >>>

3D Design & Droduction

3D Printer

About 3D design

3Dl design is about creating three-dimensional forms and objects from materials with specific physical properties, such as wood, metal or plastic. A design can be anything from a small sculpture to a complex tool or machine. A 3D object is often composed from several 2D planes/surfaces arranged in a three-dimensional form. For example, 6 squares can be put together to form cube.

Working in 3D requires programs that can compose ane edit 3D objects and export 3D models in formats that kan be read by machines, such as 3D printers or CNC mills. At TekX, we have 30 3D printers on which students fabricate an enormous amount of different objects and models.





About 3D design

At TekX, students and educators have the possibilities create a variety of multimedia projects, including podcasts, videos, and live streams.  The sound studio is fully equipped with all the tools for professional audio recording and editing, including microphones, instruments, and other digital audio equipment.

We also have HD photo/video  cameras capable of recording up to 4K resolution, as well as a video switcher for recording or streaming a multicamera video session. Students learn to use both the hardware and software needed to produce high quality content for their academic projects.